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DigiDash is a completely embedded Graphical LCD Digital Dashboard. DigiDash supports the MegaSquirt EFI Platform (www.msefi.com) from Bowling & Grippo.


DigiDash is designed to be mounted permanently or semi-permanently inside of the vehicle. Its graphical interface is designed to be very easy to use while driving.




Current Features (release: v2.00-Beta get it)

Hardware features:  
  Automotive temperature range LCD. Great response time in cold weather.
Bright LCD for sunlight readability
Atmel 8-bit processor with 128k program memory
Bright, LED-lit 4-button interface
Software adjustable backlight brightness
Hardware adjustable Contrast
Software Features:  
  MSII support up to v2.68 (minimal gauges)
MS1/Extra support up to 029t
MS1/Extra HiRes support hr_09a new!
Displays up to 30 different sensors (depending on MS firmware version)
Field-Upgradable firmware allows the display to be upgraded through serial or usb by your pc.
Open Source licensing
Convert & display bitmaps created in Microsoft Paint easily (thanks EstateAgent) new!
User Interface Features:  
  The display will automatically detect and reconfigure for any of the above MegaSquirt firmwares.
If a MS1/extra firmware variant is found, the setup wizard will guide you through setting up your display for your particular Megasquirt setup.
2 Digital Gauges and 4 Bar graph style gauges.
The user can place any available sensors into any of these gauges locations.
Indicators for common MegaSquirt output toggles such as fan,spark,output 1,knock ..etc
Adjustable temperature units. new!

Download Firmware

Get the most recent firmware/source here:


Hardware Installation/Device Updating Tutorial


Developer Environment Tutorial (image download tutorial too :-)



Hardware/Software/Sales Contacts:

Mike Gionfriddo: (mike.gionfriddo@gmail.com)

Christopher Ladden: (Christopher.ladden@gmail.com)



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